Janos Pasztor

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Speaking Engagements

If you are organizing a conference, workshop event something alike, I'm always up for a new speaking or teaching opportunity. Please contact me at janos@pasztor.at for more information.

Community chat

By far the most effective way of getting my attention is by joining the community chat on Discord.

Found an error?

You can contribute to this website on Github.

Social networks

For other matters please feel free to contact me on any of the following platforms:

Twitter: twitter.com/janoszen
Facebook: facebook.com/pasztor.at (please follow or send a message request, don't friend)

Job offers

I work as a freelance DevOps engineer and I’m not interested in any job offers. If you are a recruitment company, I hereby object to my data being added to your database, or you contacting me about a job offer in any form whatsoever. (Y’know, EU privacy laws and stuff apply.)

Privacy Complaints and Information Requests

Data protection inqueries may be directed to me via e-mail to janos@pasztor.at or via postal mail to:
Opsbears e.U.
Graf-Starhemberg-Gasse 47/6
1040 Wien

Please allow for 14 days plus postal shipping for processing your request.