Janos Pasztor

Getting started with Development on Docker

Docker is the hot new thing, the technology that really brought the DevOps movement to a next level. Every other week a new tool comes out that claims to make Docker easier to use, but information and good advice is often hard to come by.

At this workshop we went from writing the first shell script to actually running a service with multiple containers in production using docker-compose and Docker Swarm.

I had a blast making this workshop, in no small part due to the excellent work of the organizers and the volunteers at DevOps Pro Vilnius.


  1. What is Docker?
    • How do containers work?
    • Why use containers and how do they compare to other tools?
    • Why you need to build your own containers
    • Setting up your Docker workflow
  2. Building your first Docker container
    • Dockerizing your first service
    • Layering your containers on top of each other
  3. Using multiple services
    • Running multiple services in one container
    • Running multiple services in separate containers
    • Coordinating multiple services with docker-compose
  4. Sharing your containers
    • Setting up and using a Docker Registry
    • Using a Continuous Integration to build Docker Containers
  5. Getting Docker into production
    • Production the simple way: docker-compose
    • Using Docker Swarm

Target Audience

This workshop is targeted at developers and systems engineers who are new to Docker, but have experience in writing Linux shell scripts.

Course Prerequisites

  • A laptop with at least 20 GB of hard disk space and free 1 GB of RAM
  • A full virtualization environment capable of running Ubuntu Linux 16.04, 64 bit version
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Janos Pasztor

I'm a DevOps engineer with a strong background in both backend development and operations, with a history of hosting and delivering content.

I run an active DevOps and development community on Discord, come in and say hi!

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