Janos Pasztor

What’s under the hood of Docker? Process separation in the Linux kernel

DevOps Pro Vilnius was one of the best conferences I’ve been to. Not only did the conference organizers do everything in their power to make us feel welcome, they also did an excellent job at picking my fellow speakers. I had a blast talking about how Docker works under the hood and what the individual features in the Linux kernel are it uses to achieve process level separation. The organizers even had enough forethought to put Phil Estes’ talk on container security directly after mine, letting us link our talks together.

My slides can be found on the link below and the video will be up in a few weeks.

Download slides Event page (external site)

Janos Pasztor

I'm a DevOps engineer with a strong background in both backend development and operations, with a history of hosting and delivering content.

I run an active DevOps and development community on Discord, come in and say hi!

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