Janos Pasztor

About me

Notice to recruiters: I know, your job is hard, so let’s respect each others time: I am working as a freelancer, and I am not looking for a job. I am also not going to help your candidate get a job. There is no sense in trying to contact me about either issue, or to enter my details into your company’s database for later use. I don’t work with recruiters off the internet.

Basic details

Name: Janos Pasztor
Residence: Vienna, Austria
Born: 1984
Nationality: German, Hungarian
Languages: English, German, Hungarian

Social profiles

Career overview

Technology profile

Virtualization: Docker, LXC, Xen
Programming languages: Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, C/C++, Lua, Bash
Webservers, proxies: nginx/OpenResty, Apache HTTPd, Jetty, haproxy
Cloud experience: AWS, Google Cloud
Mail servers: Exim
Databases: MySQL, Postgresql, HSQLDB
HA/LB solutions: LVS/IPVS, Heartbeat/Pacemaker
Networks and Routing: OSPF, RIP, Quagga
Cluster filesystems: OpenStack Ceph, GlusterFS

Career in Detail

CTO @ Entrecloud

Development Lead @ IXOLIT

Software Developer @ IXOLIT

DevOps Team Lead @ DotRoll

Lead System Administrator @ DotRoll

Software Developer at Gigamad Kft

Developer at Oditech Studio Kft